HANDS Exhibition

May 2018 - Studio A

HANDS is an exhibit that highlights artistic practices and mediums that are undervalued or refused in art history. This exhibit features practices that are historically linked to craft and/or "womens’" work, including (but not limited to): ceramics, fibres and performance. HANDS addresses the notion of the handmade as a medium that directly reflects the physical body over the ways in which computer technologies do. HANDS examines how skills have been passed down, with interest in art historical evaluation and the ancestral link to craft, as well as its gendered implications. The works featured in this show, will question and celebrate the handmade, by evaluating its triumphs and failures. HANDS also acknowledges the power of collectivity and healing through touch, both within material expressions, as well as shared human experiences.

The mission of HANDS is to create a collaborative exhibition that will provide opportunities for marginalized communities to express themselves and unite through visual art and performance. The Bas Bleu collective aims to address ongoing intersectional feminist issues, and prioritizes accessibility of art to womyn, non-binary, trans, neurodiverse, people of colour and those that struggle to have their voice visible amidst the current patriarchal structure.


May 2018 - Fonderie Darling

The Maureen show is an annual non-juried group exhibition of work by Concordia studio arts MFA students. The exhibition is entirely planned, organized, installed and facilitated by volunteers from within the MFA program.


March-April 2018 - Espacio Mexico

The exhibition was featuring nine women from Montreal and Mexico and was curated by Ixchel Ledesma.